Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Write a synopsis
Write about your vision of the future. Answer the questions 

How will we live? 
We need to live more environmentally friendly. Advancement in technology will always surge forward, some things get bigger and some things get smaller. For example, televisions have gotten bigger in screen size but the overall size of the item is much smaller. Laptops come in large and small sizes but are becoming lighter for ease of portability.

Some people will live in space colonies that orbit the earth. Some will even travel through space on large ships able to sustain life for a very long time until they reach another planet.

What conditions are inside and outside? 
Inside is very clean and orderly. Lots of colored lights and computers.

Outside the environment must be taken better care of. Less waste of our resources such as water, wood and metals. Rainforests, rivers and lakes should be preserved as is to protect the habitat of animals.

What is in our homes? 

Automated functions for cleaning your home. Such as a robot that can vacuum or sweep the floor. Telephones will be replaced by video phones. Personal computers will be smaller and more compact.

What is outside? 
In the cities and towns, many gardens and outdoor spaces for people to walk. People don't need to drive so much on roads and can instead fly to many more places. Some people will live in space in floating space stations.

What are the weather conditions? 
Much the same as now, perhaps a few degrees warmer due to global warming.

In space there is not much in the way of weather. Some people may be born on the space colonies and be completely surprised by rain or snow when they visit earth for the first time.

What is everything made of? 
Recyclable materials. Metals. Bricks. Plastics.

What events have had an impact on our surroundings? 
Alien invasions, ill nino weather effect, war, genetically engineered creatures

What events have had an impact on how people think, behave, exist? 
Contact with aliens. War. The drying up of earths resources.

What is growing? What machinery/gadgetry is used? 
Small plants will grow around the homes with fruit and vegetables. Especially in the space colonies.
A mobile phone can look like a headset for hands free use.
A mini computer can be carried on your wrist like a watch.

What do buildings look like?
Some round buildings, some square buildings. More skyscrapers like in the capital cities of the world.

Space ships are very rounded. The colonies are large connected rings.

Write  a paragraph of text for each poster: One for the inside space and one for
the outside space.

Inside Poster
This will be the view from inside a space station or space ship. It will show some modern looking furniture in the room. Might have a computer console or tv screen.

Outside Poster
Will be a view of space, a planet and a space station orbiting by. May have some other space ships in the sky as well.