Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cool art installation - Fake Pool

Original Article Here: Fake Pool - Art installation
A pool with fully clothed people standing straight in it, how is it possible? The answer is the odd 12-year-old fake pool with a huge transparent laminated glass at the top filled with water.
It is true that weird installations has been represented earlier on Awesomenator, such as the very confusing freestanding house in Austria, but this surreal and unique piece is all Argentinian artistLeonardo Erlich’s work. This pool has been making quite a few trips, all the way from Japan to Argentina, but currently it is situated in Australia. You would’ve never guessed that the pool was empty inside if there weren’t any people in it, because it looks like a normal pool, and the aqua color, the lights and the ladder is just making it more convincing.
When you enter the pool through a door from inside it looks like the water is floating over your head, almost like you’re just waiting for it to fall down. Known for his illusion installations, Erlich enjoyed making this pool, and at some exhibitions he even installed a wood deck that gave it a spa or sauna-like appearance.