Monday, June 9, 2014

Advertising and Internet Pop Culture

I guess this isn't the first time advertisers have been inspired by internet culture. Take a look at this video "Sad Cat Diary" and then the "Dear Kitten" advert for Friskies.

While the feeling of the ad is a little more upbeat, it reminded me a lot of Sad Cat Diary, in fact I instantly thought of it when the voice over started.

I think it's fun when ads remind me of these amusing creations by people on the internet but at the same time I realise that the ads are cashing in on someone elses idea. Nothing in this world is truly original but how far is too far? Large corporations certainly wouldn't hold back when it comes to suing someone for using their ideas. So is it fair that advertisers ride the free waves of internet pop culture in order to make a buck?

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