Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Write a paragraph (250-400 words)
About your use of:
Line-how have you use it?, how does it operate? What does it do?
Shape how have you use it?, how does it operate? What does it do?
Colour-what colour system have you used? If you have not used one, why
and what was your decision making process in picking the colours you
Texture-how did you generate it? What effect are you hoping this texture
will have on the viewer?

I have used line much like how comic book characters are drawn. It has been done by hand and the width of the lines on the character vary in width, which give it more depth. Line has also been used to outline text, the overall shape of the character and to frame the entire poster.

I played with varying scales of the girl character and felt it worked best when she took up a good portion of the space and therefore some of the drawing goes out of the edges of the poster. When I made her smaller to fit inside the frame of the image there was too much negative space the detail of the drawing seemed a bit lost.

The angles in the shape of the girls body are very diagonal and lead the viewers eye from the top right down to the bottom left corner and vice versa. So the viewer can be lead through the image to the text information.

The main colors I have used are white, black, blue, red and yellow. These are all basic primary colors but I have not used them in their purest hues and have chosen more shady hues. Blue, red and yellow form a color triad which makes them all work comfortably. Black and red are common colours used in the artwork of the rock industry and they contrast nicely. White helps to make things contrast even further. Blue comes about because it's my favourite colour but it also makes for some pretty cool punk rocker hair on the girl, it is also used on the smaller font to tie the text to the image.

The stars in the sky create a kind of texture. These came about by accident as there were still some flecks on my scanned drawing that I hadn't erased and when stroked in the layer effects menu they were outline with white along with the girl. I decided to keep them as is, since I wanted the girl to be flying in the sky anyway.

Lots of small lines have been used to create a feathery texture on the wings of the girl. Longer flowing strokes of line have been used to show the direction of her hair. I would hope the viewer would associate the hair as being soft to touch without any tangles. I wanted the wings to look a bit rough and messy but still look like all the feathers flow in general direction.