Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Music Poster Assignment

a. What kind of music is at your festival?
Rock, metal, punk, hardcore

b. Who goes to your festival?
Primarily musical festival demographics for for rock/metal fans are teens and twenties.

c. What is the atmosphere like at the festival?
High energy, moshpits are pretty intense. People are always bouncing up and down to the music.

d. In what kind of venue does it take place?
Melbourne Showgrounds. The big musical festivals like Big Day Out and Soundwave are often held there, so I feel it would be the best location.

e. Any other useful information about your festival.
Usually these sorts of music festivals are a sea of black clothing!

There are stalls selling jewellery, tshirts, hats, food/drinks and official band shirts. There should be free water taps.

I feel that most big festivals are handling the official merch stores really poorly. There is only 1 huge stall and it's always packed. Half the people there just want to look but can't until they get to the front, so it takes forever for them to make their purchase once they are at the counter. I think the shirts should have pictures printed in the timetable/info booklets to reduce the crowds.

It took me a long time to come up with a name for my festival. After surfing through a thesaurus I came across the word "metalliferous". It means a rock that yeilds metal. So not only does the word itself have 'metal' in it but also refers to metal and rock in its meaning. The festival is a rock/metal one and so I felt the name fitted really nicely!

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