Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Slideshow Video - Code Geass Meet #2

I want to make more videos and get better at it in the process. My Sony Vaio came with Movie Studio Platinum so I'm going to teach myself to use that for the time being. I made a simple slideshow using my set of photos from Code Geass Meet #2, which I hosted in 2012. My previous experience is with Adobe Premiere, but at first glance it seems fairly easy to adapt to Movie Studio Platinum with my existing basic knowledge of video editing.

While I really can't afford it now, I want my next DSLR to have video on it. Currently I can only take video with my iPhone or old point & shoot cameras around the house. I'd also like to play with some video capture software for video games, as I had a lot of fun making Sims 2 videos back a few years ago!

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